Activation Steps

1st Step: Registration

Contracting is initiated by including the number of the approved proposal in our REGISTRATION FORM and filling out the registration data. In the site field, it is not necessary to include an existing site, because this is only requested as a form of identification of the client in our system.

2nd Step: Payment

As soon as the registration is completed, the client will be redirected to the page where the banking invoice slip can be printed. Our payment format is prepay, therefore the project design will only begin after payment is received for setup.

3rd Step: Contract

The person responsible for the contract will receive it by e-mail. After signing it, click on the email link and upload the document in the PDF format.– A signed contract is necessary for activation to occur within the time frame established in the proposal. The activation time will only begin to be counted from the date that the signed contract is received.

4th Step: Design

The registered technician responsible for project design will receive the project by e-mail on the first working day after payment of the activation charge. Upon receiving it, he or she will approve it on line through the link that is provided in the body of the e-mail and choose the date for execution of the project at the location. Project design is prepared based on inspection of the public thoroughfares by our team.

5th Step: Internal Implementation

The time period for activation begins as of the date that the project enters our system (this may vary from 10 to 45 working days – verify the time frame stipulated in your commercial proposal) and the project enters the execution phase. You will be notified if any action on your part becomes necessary. During this step, the internal project is executed (implantation of the optic cables and devices at your company).

6th Step: External Implementation

During this step, the activities related to the external circuit are executed (cabling and optic splices in public thoroughfares). No action is necessary on the part of the client, who only needs to wait for the date for delivery of the circuit.

7th Step: Acceptance of circuit

When the external implementation phase is concluded, the client will receive a report with all of the implementation information, formalizing the beginning of the testing phase performed by our activation department. During this phase, the service will be made available for 48h for validation. If necessary, the technician will go to the location to demonstrate how the service works, in order to confirm the operation and stability of the circuit.

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